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Executive Storytelling – Foundation Level – Deepening the theory and practice.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to explain the components and coherence of the communication cycle.
  • Be able to clearly define communication goals, using the necessary elements.
  • Know how to adapt communications to the characteristics of different target groups and be able to apply this knowledge.
  • Know which elements influence the impact of a message and be able to adapt messages to maximise it.
  • Know the different forms and channels of communication and be able to identify the best choice in specific situations.
  • Know the characteristics of a good communicator and be able to use this knowledge in an integrated way in all situations.
  • Integrate the importance of thorough preparation into all communication-related activities.
  • Know how to use the voice to tell a story and apply these techniques.
  • Know how to use your gaze and facial expressions to tell a story and apply these techniques.
  • Be aware of one’s own postures and movements and be able to use them in a conscious, appropriate and credible way in specific situations.
  • Know which microphones exist, be able to determine the most appropriate technology for a given situation and integrate behaviour to make your needs known to technicians.
  • Use different microphones correctly.
  • Make conscious decisions about which situations to use or not to use a slide show in.
  • Know how to avoid technical problems when using a slide show and integrate the behaviour to take the necessary action.
  • Know common mistakes when using a slide show and avoid them through integrated behaviour.
  • Know the types of prompters and be able to choose the most appropriate one for a given situation
  • Be able to properly prepare a prompting session.
  • Use prompters correctly.
  • Know how to make a story come across naturally when using a prompter and how to practise this.


2 days.

Teaching methods

Class sessions, individual preparation, individual practice sessions.


Global final evaluation by the trainer who determines whether the learning goals were sufficiently achieved.

Number of participants

3 to 6 participants




English (available on demand)


Marc Lambotte