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Executive Storytelling – Foundation Level – Introductory Theory.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain the components and coherence of the communication cycle.
  • Know how to define communication goals, using the necessary elements.
  • Know how communication must be adapted to the characteristics of different target audiences.
  • Know which elements influence the impact of a message.
  • Know different forms and channels of communication.
  • Know the characteristics of a good communicator.
  • Know and understand the importance of good preparation.
  • Know the ways to use your voice to tell a story.
  • Know how to use your eyes and facial expression when telling a story.
  • Know how postures and movements can contribute to telling a story.
  • Know which ties of microphones exist and how their correct use can contribute to the telling of a story.
  • Be able to list the most common errors in using microphones and explain why these are errors and how they can be corrected.
  • Know different types of prompters and be able to choose the most appropriate one for a given situation.
  • Be able to properly prepare a prompting session.
  • Know how to use prompters correctly.
  • Know how to make a story seem natural when using a prompter and how to practice this.


2 hours, including quizzes.

Teaching methods

10 online lessons, two interim quizzes.


Final quiz consisting of 20 questions to be answered within 30 minutes. Minimum score to pass: 75%.






Marc Lambotte