Pro Pitching – Post-practice assignment

First click on this link to watch the video lesson. Then fill in the template “Polishing” that you find under the tab “Materialen/Materials” and upload it below. You can upload one file. The teacher will assess your work. When that is done, you can...

Pro Pitching – Practice day

In a small group you will work for a full day on the pitch you have prepared. Your pitch will be discussed in detail. You get the recordings afterwards – because you need them to make the post-processing assignment.

Pro Pitching – Prearing for the practice day – Assignment

Choose a case study from your own business context. Prepare the anonymous pitch using the templates. As a reminder, you will find all the templates in the previous lesson under the tab “Materialen/Materials”. You can copy text within the Word and Pages...

Pro Pitching – The premortem analysis

Please watch and study this video lesson. Then take the final quiz of the theory section of this course. You have to score at least 75% to be able to proceed to the next step.